Have a proposition for l’École de la Cité?
You can send us your proposition through the Contact Us tab.

Do you have an internship opening for the students of the school?
You can send us your internship proposal in the Contact Us tab.

I am an actor and am interested in student film projects, how can I find out more?
You can send your CV and photos to: contact(at)


Can we visit the school?
As the Cité du Cinéma is a protected zone, l’École de la Cité cannot organize any visits.

Are there any open houses?
The Cité du Cinéma being a protected zone, l’École de la Cité cannot organize any open house events.

I'm a year early and would not be 18 until next year, can I still apply?
To register for the School, you must be between 18 and 25 years old in the year of the contest. For example: to register in 2019, you must have been born between 1994 and 2001.

Do you accept foreign candidates?
L’École de la Cité is an international school.

I live abroad, can I participate in the contest from abroad?
Some of the competition events require your presence on school premises.

When can I register for the entrance exam?
Registration for the school's ‘competition’ is generally open between May and June on our website. To be alerted for the opening, you can  follow us on our social networks.

What about for the entrance exam in 2021?

Given the health crisis and the constraints it imposes, the École de la Cité is not in a position to organize the entrance examination under the usual conditions. We are unfortunately obliged to postpone the registrations and the competition until later. We will be sure to communicate on social media as soon as we have more information

Are there any scholarships for being a student at l’École de la Cité?
l’École de la Cité is a private school but does not offer any scholarships, as tuition is already free.

Does l’École de la Cité offer student housing?
No, l’École de la Cité does not have a campus.

Must one have a high school diploma to register?
The school is accessible without any diploma requirements, so you can register without having this degree.

Can I enter the competition in another language?
The ‘entrance exam’ is only in French, though English is also essential.

Must one be bilingual?
You should be proficient in both English and French.

Can one register for both sections?
When you enter the contest, you can only choose one section.

What are the tests?
Competition events are subject to change from one year to the next.

Is there an archive for previous submissions?
There are no records available as you prepare the entrance exam.

What is the selectivity rate?
At the end of the contest, 30 directors and 30 writers are selected.