Selection based on talent

The professional trainings offered by the Ecole de la Cité are open exclusively to people aged 18-25 on the year of exanimation. The applicants are evaluated on three criteria: their talent, motivation and their English and French level.

An admission in 2 stages

1. The registration form

The registration form is to be entirely and solely filed online on the Ecole de la Cité website. As soon as the registrations are closed, no more application will be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The validation of the application determines the eligibility to the examination's first test. A convocation to this test will be sent via email only to retained candidates as soon as their application is validated (Please, check your spams).

No results are to be communicated by phone.

2. The entrance examination

The Ecole de la Cité entrance examination consists of several rounds of tests, each being eliminatory. The candidates will be informed of each date and round, their results to each test, and final result exclusively by email (Please, check your spams).

Attention: any work will be restituted to the candidates. 

The number and content of tests can vary from one year to the next.

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Download the rules in PDF